My Services

Personal Training and Nutrition Services

Work with me, one on one towards your personal fitness goals. Not everyone wants a trainer for the sole purpose of losing weight. Maybe you’re training for a marathon, fitness competition, or are in need of some prehab/rehab that is sport or pain-specific.


Group Classes:

Our small classes are designed to provide you with the effectiveness of personal training and the companionship of group fitness. You’ll share the time with 4-6 like minded individuals who want to get after it just as much as you do!

Personal Training Memberships:

All memberships are incredibly limited. I work solely with people who are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves, not that you need to become an elite athlete! Rather you have made the choice this time to do something. You have made the decision to get fit.

3 Times a Week: $900 a month (12 sessions)

Working 1 on 1 with a trainer is the most effective way to accomplish your personal fitness goals no matter what they are. Personal Training can help you increase your fitness and health overall and can also assist in other training focuses such as a marathon/triathlon times. Achieve your goal weight faster. Recover or prevent injuries in training or in life. This membership is for those who are serious about increasing their fitness as much as possible. Sessions can be yoga, strength training, endurance training, high intensity for metabolic health, mobility or rehab once cleared by a physical therapist. This program is sufficient for total training protocol or you can also combine with outside sports and hobbies.

2 Times a Week: $680 a month (8 sessions)

This membership is great for someone who is looking to do most of their programming on their own (we have something for that too) and wants to maximize their at home or gym program with a kick in the pants twice a week, accountability and also learn the proper movement standards.

1 Time a Week: $360 a month (4 sessions)

This membership is great for someone who does 3-4 days a week on their own. Either in a gym or outdoors, and wants to maximize their at home or gym program with accountability and continue to learn movements properly to incorporate on their own. This program is not suitable for those who only work out once a week, in fact, I do not work with clients looking to only move once a week, progress cannot be accomplished in that method of approach and do not endorse it.

Workplace Wellness

$150 an Hour

Wellness is the number one buzz word in corporate culture right now. How do we create wellness for our employees? They spend most of their time at work and in order to attract and retain a high functioning employee the company culture needs to be attractive for them. Does your workplace create an environment of happiness, self-care, optimal stress, creativity and engaging community?

Workplace Wellness with The Original Method can include the following:

Group Fitness Class: Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, or Desk Jockey Mobility.

Nurture a Nutritious Break Space: Learn from a Nutritionist what snacks and menus to have on hand.

Goal Setting: Help your employees create meaningful goals for work and personal. (Hint: the more your employees feel supported outside of work, the more they’re willing to give you inside those 4 walls.)

Nutrition Coaching:

$75 a Session

I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist  and Nutrition Specialist who loves educating the long term benefits of a healthy and sustainable nutrition practice and what it can provide for your life. My nutrition approach is custom to your goals, needs, lifestyle and timeline. I recommend we meet at least twice a month to ensure the program we decide on is being accomplished through realistic implementation. We can meet as frequently as needed and in the beginning more in expected. I do not work with disordered eating or eating disorders, that is outside of my specialty but if you’re seeking help on either of those, please send me an email and I will put you in contact with colleagues who do address those issues.