My Fuck Ups

People are always asking me what to do in order to fix their diets.

Thank you.

For trusting me.

For opening up to me about your biggest diet cheats, shameful behaviors, goals, successes, struggles, victories, steps forward, steps backwards… you get the point.

I love hearing all of it.

People rarely ask about my diet. When they do, they ask “what do you do?” in regards to my healthy habits, but never about my dark side. Maybe because they incorrectly assume I don’t have one.

Well. I. Do.

Here are the ways I have “failed” “back slid” and “eaten like a fucking asshole” in the last month.

1. Sugar Bust. I went to get dry needled. Well not immediately. How my day went: I woke up and had plenty of time to make and eat breakfast. I didn’t. Instead I dove right into work. All the way up until racing to the gym to train clients. (Side note: This is one of the reasons I do love being Ketogenic because my blood sugar stays level and in times when I can’t eat frequently this works well.) However; clients, then I worked out, then I went to get needles stuck into my muscles for 90 minutes. At the end (it was now 3:00pm) I was about to pass out. Literally. And I am a fainter. My PT gave me a granola bar and I ate it without hesitation so I could gather my wits and get the fuck out of her office. Then I looked at the nutrition label… because I read every nutrition label.

IT HAD FUCKING SUGAR IN IT! AHHHAGGGGGHHH!! This sucks because my goal for 2018 was ZERO sugar. I had made it so long, and due to lack of preparation and making myself a priority I put myself in a desperate situation. And that’s what happens when you’re desperate. You settle for options that usually aren’t “to code.” I do it to! You don’t beat yourself up about it, but you CAN avoid this with preparation!

2. Emotional Eating. My Family is fucked, at least that’s how if feel and let’s end it that. Being around them takes a lot of me. All of me. I spent almost a full day with them and when I was finally in the safety of my home, I went STRAIGHT to the kitchen, ripped open a bar of Lily’s Chocolate (no sugar, just stevia BOOM!) and a QUART container peanut butter. I started with a reasonable amount, and then said “fuck it, if you want to eat the whole bar you can, you just had a really stressful day.” Oh hell no.¬†0.5 seconds after I said that, I thought of you.

Yes. You.

How can you possibly do that or think that’s ok? This is the EXACT thing you help people navigate and overcome. This is unacceptable. STOP. NOW. Do not go any further and put the food away. So I did. What started as a shit storm, ended up with victory. You can stop mid fuck up. You don’t have to finish it.

Because it’s unacceptable for me to soothe myself with a bad habit.

It’s unacceptable for me to give myself permission to act in a way that I do not encourage my clients to act. My stress is not greater than anyone else’s. Stop eating like a fucking asshole Sarah!

But it goes to show that even your nutrition coach has emotions, made a poor choice, and self corrected. You can too!

3. Satisfaction lulling you into complacency. Yup this happens to the best of us. You hit a goal, get a compliment, have months of data proving how hard you’ve worked, and for some reason you get careless and slip. Ugh, why?! (One more side note: You’re allowed to be happy, proud, do a celebratory dance. But you’re not allowed to STOP doing what has been WORKING. Good habits are easily broken, you MUST practice them.)

I fell off the horse. Woke up Wednesday with morning abs, had 3 months of hitting my food goals, tracking, recording, making GREAT choices. I was happy, disciplined, making progress (you can ALWAYS be better) workouts were great, energy high. So I took a three day break. Not from eating right, just from recording it. “I’m doing the right things, I don’t need to record for a few days!” On day three, I was taking small bites of Patrick’s carbs, drinking 11 coffees, and had no idea why I was strung out because I had zero data. Pie charts make me happy. It’s apart of who I am. It works for me. Why would I choose to fly blind when I didn’t have to?¬†Because I chose to be complacent.

No one is perfect. No diet is perfect.

Perfection is not what we are striving for with our diets. We are striving for health, wellness, performance, disease prevention and all of that takes TONS of practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does make permanent.

We ALL fuck up. It’s part of the process.

How fast can we recover? Course correct? Identify the fault and recommit to ourselves? With practice we can do it quickly.

These are the practices that I work on with my nutrition clients and as you can see, I also practice on myself. Slip ups happen to the most professional of us. Recommit yourself and let’s make this week a great one!

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