Be Better

I’ve been known to reflect on conversations. One’s that stand out to me anyhow. A conversation that “stands out” to me probably challenged my thought process, made me pause and dig deeper, brought a fresh perspective, or a solution to a challenge I’d been mulling over. It keeps me questioning, expanding my “world views” and all that goodness. I reflect on conversations that happen around me too. Being a wallflower at times will pay off because if you listen, people will tell you what they really think. Mind you now, words have meaning and intention to me, so when I say reflect, I mean reflect and not judge.

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Rest = Training

17:17Rx I had a killer training day today. I beat my training partner for the first time in a year. That’s not how I know I had a great training day, that is just the cherry on top. I know I had a great training day because I was breathing fire. I was able to push myself to a very dark place. A place I hadn’t been able to get to in awhile and after today I know it’s because I’ve been over training.

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