The Perfect Diet Is…

Ah, so you’re on the hunt for the perfect diet.

You’ve come here hoping for a simple answer you can dissect and understand in one blog. Anecdotally mind you, with limited, exhaustive, scientific research to sift through. You’re possibly hoping that you don’t have to change much in your life for it, or there is a single product line you can purchase from Amazon Prime Pantry. You are hoping to continue life as is, just with a diet that gives you everything you want. Toned thighs, six-pack abs, emotional stability, satiety, health, zero guilt, convenience, your kids will love it, oh and it has foods in it that taste like Oreos.

I have fantastic news for you. It doesn’t exist.

See! Isn’t that great?! You can now stop looking for it because the perfect diet doesn’t exist.  You’ll never find it and you don’t need to waste any more time looking for one!

There is no single diet formula out there that is “optimal, perfect, complete” etc. In fact, if you see those words for the descriptor of a diet plan, *they’re* probably trying to sell you something. Be wary, if it sounds too good to be true…blah blah blah… I know Sarah, it is…

But it’s true. So let’s move on right now forever. Stop staying stuck in the same rat race, choosing to be deceived by those charlatans looking to make a pretty penny off your desperate-Shakeology-buying-self.

The best diet in the world is… the one you stick to.

I said stick to, not perfect, let alone get great at overnight.

“But I’ll stick to eating fast food, sugar, and drinking craft beer.”

The best diet in the world is… also aligned with your personal goals.

I don’t know many people that want to develop metabolic diseases. Become a burden to their families and the healthcare system. Have chronic pain from inflammation. Be(come) overweight, nay obese. Feel like utter and complete shit and have the looks to match.

(yes I used the word nay, I needed to check in to see if you’re still paying attention.)

Without personal goals, you have no reason to change and create new habits. You’ll just keep doing what you’re doing until you can identify a reason to change. Something new to aim at, something meaningful.

The best diet in the world: is sustainable and won’t have an expiration date unlike real food. 

Sustainable means your diet isn’t solely based on losing weight. You cannot do that forever and it should not be your sole reason for focusing on nutrition. It can be a short term goal, never a long term one.

Sometimes we need to lose weight in order to be healthy and CURE metabolic diseases however that is temporary and corrective. We should be thinking offensively and preventative. How do you cure cancer? We don’t know 100% yet but I bet you $10 million dollars it’s easier to prevent it.

Prevention is ongoing. You don’t sometimes brush your teeth, you do it every day. It comes like second nature, and you know why you do it, but you never have to think about it very hard.

Your relationship with nutrition and diet is FOREVER. So creating a diet you can sustain long term is key.


Not sure which direction is right for you or want to more about designing the best dietary approach for you? Reach out to me and we can discuss further options.






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